Welcome to czy Pty Ltd. We are the experts and first in making aluminium kitchen, vanity and furniture in Australia. Moreover, let's tell our story. 

First of all, why we start this business? Have you been bothered by water damaged furniture, kitchen, vanity? My husband did find many people do. As former plaster with ten years experience, he fixed a lot of houses and apartments. He found that the bathroom is the most damaged place in the whole house due to water damage. So The bathroom vanity is the one has to be replaced. Then, He thought how much would cost to replace a bathroom vanity. To be honest, The cheapest bathroom vanity we found online is about 250-300 dollars. It is a flat pack, with a white ceramic basin on top. The quality of the vanity is barely satisfactory. And after two years, you probably need to change it. The thing is vanity unit is cheap, but the labour is not, and after several buys,  some people will end up to pay more compared to someone buy the expensive one at first place.  What is the end solution for this? is there any material waterproof? And if the material is waterproof, how can you make cabinet from it. 

After a trip to Chian, He found this excellent product. It is aluminium, but it looks like wood, it can be used to build bathroom vanity, kitchen, shoe cabinet, wine rack, fish tank and more. He was so excited about it. He quitted his job, He went to China 6 times in one year. And Finally, he brought this aluminium material to Australia. 

We'd like to introduce our great products to the public. We promise our product's quality. We import materials, but we make it in Australia. We ensure every product out of our company is superior.
We guarantee our products 20 years warranty under normal usage.  And we promise to deliver the best customer service as we can.

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